Free cutting steel

Widely used in many sectors due to its many beneficial properties, steel is a resourceful material!

Used in many fields such as the automotive industry, household appliances and construction, steel offers good mechanical resistance, which can be very good depending on the grade.

We can machine a wide variety of steels such as alloy steels, free-cutting steels… A grade is adapted for each application.

We advise you in choosing the steel best suited to your project.

Characteristics and applications of steel turned parts

  • Mechanical resistance: Steel is renowned for its high mechanical resistance.
  • Hardness: Steel resists wear and scratches well, and its hardness can be further improved by heat treatment.
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity: Steel has good thermal conductivity

Application sectors of steel in machining

  • Steel screws and nuts for the automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering industries, etc.
  • Steel connectors and fittings: for fluid distribution
  • Steel hydraulic components: for the manufacture of parts such as bushings, rings, fittings, tips, valves, etc.
  • Steel parts for mechanical power transmission: Steel is used to manufacture power transmission components such as shafts, gears, pinions, axles, hubs, etc.
  • Steel parts for the energy industry: such as bushings, axles, fittings, gaskets, fasteners, etc

Tons of steel and stainless steel machined yearly at INODEC

Some steel grades machined in our workshops:

Construction steels:

  • S235JRC (1.0122 / A37 / E24 / ST37)
  • S355J2C (1.0579 / E36 / ST52)
  • C45 (1.0503 / XC48 / C45) …

Steels for hardening and tempering:

  • C35R (1.1180 / XC38 / C35)
  • 42CrMoS4 (1.7227/42CD4/42CrMoS4) …

Case hardening steels:

  • 16MnCrS5 (1.7139 / 16MC5 /16MnCr5)
  • 20MnCrS5 (1.7149 / 20MC5 / 20MnCr5) …

Free-cutting steels for direct hardening:

  • 36SMn14 (1.0764 / 35MF6 / 35S20
  • 44SMn28 (1.0762 / 45MF6.3 / 45S20)
  • 11SmNPb 30 / 37

Pre-treated steel:

  • 42CrMo+QT (1.7227)
  • 18CrMo4
  • x30Cr13+QT (1.44028 / Z33C13 / 420B)

Steel treatments

Heat treatment for steel turned parts: 

  • Quenching and tempering
  • Kolsterising
  • Tempering
  • Gas quenching
  • Carburizing, carbonitriding
  • Nitriding, nitrocarburizing
  • Post oxidation

Surface treatment of steel machined parts: 

  • Chemical nickel
  • Galvanizing
  • Zinc nickel
  • Phosphating
  • Passivation
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