Bar stock machining

Bar stock machining, also known as forging blank machining or raw part machining, refers to the manufacturing process of transforming raw material into a machined part with the required dimensions and specifications.

Choosing to start with a blank optimizes costs.

The blank minimizes the material and the machining times are thus optimized.

Bar stock applications

The applications of bar stock are quite varied:

  • Mechanical parts: gears, pinions, bushings, hydraulic components, etc.
  • Automotive parts: engine parts, transmission shafts, pistons, valves, connecting rods, suspension elements, bearings, etc.
  • Aerospace parts: components such as shafts, flanges, supports, structural elements, fasteners, etc.
  • Nuclear industry parts: reactor components, cooling system components: valves, pumps, fittings, temperature sensors, pressure sensors
  • Railway industry parts
  • Machine tool parts: machine tool parts, spindles, columns, slides, bearing rings, etc.
  • Parts for the energy industry: turbine shafts, couplings, flanges, gasket rings, power transmission systems, etc.

Blank turning

We can machine any blank material, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys. We machine bars from 80mm to 240mm in diameter with a maximum load of 10kg.

We have dedicated blank machines for this type of project, which are robotized allowing us to automate the entire process.

All are equipped with HP pumps, 4µm filtration system and are thermally stabilized.

We can also mill, cut, and broach directly on these machines.

The specific machining operations are performed depending on the final shape and dimensions required for the part.

This may include turning, milling, drilling, grinding, threading, boring, etc. Appropriate cutting tools are used to remove material from the bar stock and shape the part to your specifications.


Throughout the machining process, we carry out quality controls to ensure the required tolerances and specifications. We are equipped with a Mitutoyo Crysta V7106 3D coordinate measuring machine allowing us to take dimensional measurements on large diameters.

We also have various control means such as dial gauges, Keyence machines, roughness meters. We can also develop dedicated control means according to your projects and your requirements.

Additional operations

Depending on the final application of the part and its specifications, it may require additional operations such as heat treatment, grinding, surface treatment, sandblasting or deburring.

Additional operations may be necessary to improve the technical or aesthetic characteristics of the part. At INODEC, we offer you the possibility of outsourcing these operations to our qualified and local subcontractors.

Entrust us with your bar stock machining project!

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