Additional services

 Screw-machining of parts in all materials: steel, stainless steel, brass. Inodec is able to produce small and medium series for the railway, agricultural and medical sectors, etc. 

Machined parts often require additional operations after manufacture, whether to improve their mechanical or geometric properties, or simply for aesthetic reasons. At INODEC, we offer a complete range of additional services.

We have carefully accredited a selection of subcontractors, close to our facilities, in order to guarantee quality and reactivity.

We offer a range of finishing operations: broaching, honing, grinding, and cutting.

We also offer surface treatment and heat treatment operations through our historical partner.

  • Surface treatment: anodising, deburring, chemical nickel, passivation, phosphating, burnishing, etc.
  • Heat treatment: carbonitriding, carburizing, tempering, annealing, stabilisation, hardening, etc.

We also undertake the assembly of sub-assemblies in-house.

Do you have specific secondary operations needed for your parts? Send us your specifications.

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