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Renowned for its resistance to corrosion and low density, aluminium is a material of choice for many industries, including sports, aeronautics and renewable energies. Due to its very interesting properties, aluminium is widely used in turning and is recommended when you are looking to lighten your assemblies.

At INODEC, we machine more than 2.1 tons of aluminium per year from bar, forging or slugs. We machine aluminium on all types of machines and according to your specifications.

Mechanical properties of aluminium machined parts

  • Very good machinability but relatively soft, therefore requires specific machining approaches to avoid deformation and damage.
  • Oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Low density
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity
  • 100% recyclable

Tons of aluminium machined yearly at INODEC

Below are examples of some of the aluminium grades machined in our workshops

  • EN AW2011 – AluCu6BiPb / A-U5PbBi
  • EN AW2014 – AlCu4SiMg / A-U4SG
  • EN AW2017 – AlCu4MgSi(A) / A-U4G
  • EN AW2030 – AlCu4PbMg / AU4Pb
  • EN AW6060 – AlMgSi / A-GS
  • EN AW6262 – AlMg1SiPb / A-GSPbBi


Characteristics and applications of machined aluminium parts

Generally supplied in the form of bars, tubes or forgings, aluminium is a soft material that requires a specific machining process. INODEC has a recognised experience in aluminium turning.

6 tonnes of aluminium are machined each year in INODEC’s workshops.

Different machining operations can be performed, including turning (to obtain precise diameters), drilling (to create holes), threading (to create threads), milling and other custom operations depending on the needs of the part.

On our multi-axis lathes, finishing operations can be performed to improve the surface quality of the part. This can include polishing, sandblasting, grinding or other techniques to achieve the desired finish.

Throughout the turning process, we carry out quality controls to ensure that dimensions, tolerances and specifications meet the requirements of ISO9001.

Depending on your needs and projects, we can machine all types of aluminium parts.

  • Aluminium screws and nuts are used in various applications, including mechanical assembly, the electronics industry and the automotive industry.
  • Fastening components: Bolts, studs and other fastening components
  • Hydraulic system parts: Aluminium hydraulic components such as bushings, end caps and fittings.
  • Nozzles and tips: Aluminium nozzles and tips are used in various applications, such as the chemical industry and the automotive industry.
  • Pistons and fittings for industrial supply
  • Components for the medical industry: Turned aluminium parts are used to manufacture medical devices such as valves, surgical instruments
  • Components for the automotive industry: automotive aluminium components such as pistons, valves, connectors, etc.
  • Components for the electronics industry: electronic components such as heat sinks, connectors and housings.
  • Gears and pinions: Aluminium gears and pinions are used in mechanical applications where weight is a critical factor.
  • Machined components for sports accessories, bicycles and road bikes:
  • Bicycle components: Turned aluminium parts are used in the manufacture of bicycle components such as pedals, wheel hubs, bicycle gearbox housings etc.
  • Fishing equipment such as reels and other fishing equipment.
  • Mountain equipment: Turned aluminium parts are used in the manufacture of mountain equipment such as carabiners, webbing rings, ice axes and crampons, components for skis, ski poles, ski bindings, etc.
  • Water sports equipment: Turned aluminium parts are used to manufacture components for surfboards, kayak paddles, boat oars, etc.
  • Motorsport equipment: Turned aluminium parts are used in the manufacture of equipment for motorsport such as parts for motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles, etc.

Post-production complementary operations on aluminium parts

After turning, additional treatment operations, such as shot peening, surface coating or anodising, can be carried out to improve the aesthetic or functional properties of the aluminium part.

We can also carry out laser marking operations according to your requirements.

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