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Manufaacturer of aluminium turned parts

Renowned for its resistance to corrosion and low density, aluminium is a material of choice, particularly for the sports and aeronautics industries. It is also a very good conductor of heat and electricity and can be used for demanding industrial sectors such as construction and buildings.

At INODEC, we machine more than 2.1 tons of aluminium per year from bar, forgings and billets.

We machine aluminium on all types of machines and according to your specifications.

Properties and applications of aluminium machined parts

  • Very good machinability
    Resistant to oxidation
    Low density
    Thermal and electrical conductivity
    100% recyclable

Aluminium can be subjected to various types of treatment such as anodising, which can improve its aesthetic and mechanical characteristics. 

Tons of aluminium machined yearly at INODEC

Below are examples of some of the aluminium grades machined in our workshops

  • EN AW2011 – AluCu6BiPb / A-U5PbBi
  • EN AW2014 – AlCu4SiMg / A-U4SG
  • EN AW2017 – AlCu4MgSi(A) / A-U4G
  • EN AW2030 – AlCu4PbMg / AU4Pb
  • EN AW6060 – AlMgSi / A-GS
  • EN AW6262 – AlMg1SiPb / A-GSPbBi

We offer various surface treatments on aluminium such as anodising in different colours.

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